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Fostering gratitude through community spirit

Stepping into the festive season, the biggest factor we sense around us is community spirit. Be it gathering for daily Durga pujas or even dancing at the evening garbas – we are surrounded by the spirit of happiness and generosity around us. Where there is a sense of community, residents value their relationships to others in the area, care about the community’s well being and are interested in its future. However, did you know that a true sense of community is anchored by a culture of gratitude that cuts across political or cultural differences and even embraces them?

It is true that gratitude has numerous benefits, and through our previous blogs, we know of these all too well. In terms of community, gratitude is considered a strong pillar, along with love anFostering gratitude through community spiritd the spirit of generosity. Showcasing a sense of thankfulness not just for the festivities that surround you, but for the many small and big things people go out of their way to do for you only helps strengthen community bonds.

And how does this help you?

A strong sense of community builds social wealth, or social capital. Quality of life is also higher in a community with plenty of social wealth. This in turn leads to greater unity as well as active participation in civic activities and governance. What’s more, the sense of caring and protectiveness one begins to feel only builds with time.

So go ahead, enjoy the festivities this season, and don’t forget to strengthen that sense of gratitude!

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