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IdoThankU app launch !

IDoThankU – An initiative for the Society

5th September, 2017 – Over thirty people from different backgrounds stepped in to take part in what turned out to be a groundbreaking event for IDoThankU initiative at their official app launch. On Monday, in Powai, IDoThankU unfolded their newly launched app, which is a small digital initiative by the MyEmo-Expressions group. The purpose of the app is to make people aware about the essence of gratitude and why it is necessary to inculcate the practice of expressing it.

Rakesh Gupta, founder of IDoThankU initiative described their journey of identifying the personal and social importance of gratitude and trying to figure out the possible ways that can be implemented in a country like India, to help people inculcate the practice of gratitude on a consistent basis. According to him, they are aiming to create a culture of gratitude as an attitude which can only be possible when we start expressing it. “Along with the Paper ThankU card, technology can also be a good enabler. Keeping in mind today’s lifestyle, an app or technology can be an added advantage to spread the gratitude wave. We need to accept certain facts about social engagement we have today due to technology and hence wherever possible we must take the benefits as well. When your motive requires connectivity and comfort, technology takes the centre stage. We don’t want people to miss out on any opportunity where they can bring a smile on someone’s face by sharing their gratitude or thankfulness. Paper ThankU card will always touch the chord and IdoThankU app will always enable us to do more”, the founder said when asked about how an app will help their cause.

Focusing on cultivating the habit of being grateful, they received a variety of inputs that can conjure positive feelings of appreciation and gratitude.

Speaking about the Indian understanding of gratitude, Dr. Sujata Sriram, Professor and Dean of School of Human Ecology at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, said “when someone is thanked in India, it implies a sincere debt of gratitude for going above and beyond the call of duty. For everyday transactions, expressing thanks verbally is not considered necessary. Sometimes we are forced to say thank you but only to a certain set of people. A student may thank his teacher, an employee may thank his manager, but how many times we appreciate the work done by a gatekeeper or the floor cleaner in our schools and offices.” She raised questions over understanding the broader concept of gratitude and the need for practicing it regularly irrespective of the person or their related work.

Pralhad Bellubbi, one of the senior-most strategists and mentor, who has been associated with the group, emphasized the importance of cultivating essence of real culture. He said “In India, when we talk about culture, we talk about religion, language, place but we never talk about gestures. Instead of thanking someone for doing something for you, people offer to reciprocate it.” He urged on the importance of parents acting as an audience for analyzing and cultivating the importance of these virtues from the very beginning in one’s life.

IIM Bangalore alumni and the only Indian to be shortlisted for the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award -2016, Dr. Pavan Soni, also a part of IDoThankU innovation drafted his valuable inputs on the subject and pointed out the institutions which has a direct impact on our culture. Informal attributes such as power distance, empathy, masculine vs. feminine, individual vs. collective contributions etc. has a great role to play in building organizations and the products developed in this context. And thus, he finds IDoThankU very innovative.

IDoThankU application provides an easy way to share ThankU cards electronically to any one over various social media platforms. Moreover, it also gives the option of capturing your feelings and expressing it in the form of a poem, a thought or an experience. It is based on human psychology research.

IDoThankU application is now live on Google Play Store (Click here to download). It is currently available on Android and soon will be there on iOS as well.


It is very important for the young generation to understand the essence of being grateful. It’s a great initiative and we would definitely like to implement this in our academic system as well –Amruta Bhabal, Teacher, Hill Spring, Mumbai

Even we suggest how gratefulness can boost your mental peace. We can even utilize this idea for our patients, for therapies, for healing –Trupti Sawant, Graphologist, Healer, Founder & Director, Trrucopy

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