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IdoThankUwall filled the Free Street Festival with gratitude

In today’s Whatsapp crazy world a physical connect with people is a rare commodity. True, as it may sound, but only until you attend the Free Street Festival organised by the BeHappy Foundation in the Lokhandwala Back-road area. Every month, the otherwise busy and buzzing streets of the hyper active locality of suburban Andheri make way for people of all walks and strata of life to converge and pursue what brings them the real joy of life and a smile on the face of the ever busy Mumbaikar.


Amidst all the hullabaloo of a happy lot of people stands IdoThankU with open arms in the form of the ‘IdoThankUwall’ erected to help people express their gratitude towards anything that they feel worth it – something that many found was missing in the rat race they were running in today be it for subsistence or in aggressive pursuance of ambition. There is a good mix of people across ages who still believe in thanking someone or the other for something good that the world did to them at some point of time.

One common thread running across generations even today from baby boomers to Gen X or from the millennials to the click & tap happy iGen is the feeling of gratitude that overcomes each of them when asked to express it. From parents to friends and from teachers to sometimes even the worst of foes who taught a lesson or two in life, expressing gratitude brings out the best in a human being.


IdoThankU’s presence at the Free Street Festival is a small effort at kindling an emotion that seems to be fading into oblivion in today’s materialistic world. The joyful pictures of participants not just penning their thoughts on our IdoThankUwall but also of those exchanging cards speak lot more than words. We leave you with a thought to mull over these happy moments – What is the cost of keeping gratitude alive? A word from your side will boost our spirit of doing more towards the cause. Lets build a community of the gratuitous for a better world to live in.




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